Document Your CSS … As You Go

Going back and commenting code is one of those quixotic things that most fool themselves into thinking they will do. Get in the habit of making good commenting practices while writing styles.

To add a comment in CSS it’s as simple as putting /* Your Comment Here */

Things to comment

Stylesheet Header
This comment briefly states what the stylesheet is for, who wrote it and when. A table of contents might also be needed for larger stylesheets.

Code sections
Put a comment header above large portions of code for things like global styles, headers, sidebars, main content and footer to help delineate them.

For example,

/*             Sidebar                  */

Problem declarations
Put comments next to declarations that have know issues in certain browsers, such as

input[type=textbox] /* IE6 Problem */

Dependent declarations
Put comments next to things that are dependant on other areas. So if there is a fixed height on a declaration that might need to be adjusted if the content changes, put a small comment next to it, stating what conditions must happen before it will need to adjust.

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